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...To Be Left Alone is a challenge in Risk of Rain 2. Completing this challenge will unlock the survivor Acrid.

The requisite for completing this challenge is to 'Stabilize the Cell' in the Void Fields.

The Void Fields are accessed through the Bazaar Between time. Beneath the walkway that gets you to the shop are large beams that you can land on. Once you descend far enough, there will be a tunnel with yellow light and fog that will take you to a black void portal outlined in purple.

The portal will take you to the Void Fields.

In the Void Fields you will need to activate 9 Void Cells.

• Void cells charge the same way as the teleport, it's based on your location and not on the amount of enemies you kill.

• You take damage as long as you are outside of the void cell safety zone. This will be the case until all void cells are fully charged.

• Enemies spawn as long as the cells are charging, and despawn as soon as a cell finishes charging.

• An item drops for every cleared cell.

• During the event, enemies are periodically given item buffs. The items chosen can be white and green, and the last one will be red.

• After a cell is charged, the safety zone will shrink until it disappears, you can look to the sky for a purple beacon to indicate the next cell, which will have a safety zone around it that you can wait in and heal up before activating the next wave.

• The first time the challenge is completed you will unlock Acrid.

• A red item spawns upon completion.

• There is a void portal that can be used to exit at any time.

• The void portal can be activated only once in a run. You cannot exit the Void Fields and enter the portal again!