Ancient Wisp
Banished and Chained
Ancient Wisp Portrait
Ancient Wisp Animation
Base Statistics
Health 1470 HP
Damage 23 points
Speed 12 mph
Combat Notes
Type Boss
Movement Ground
Attack Ranged
Jump Unable
Teleport Unable

Field Notes

Field Notes:  

Could this be the architect of the smaller wisps? Perhaps this Ancient Wisp is the puppeteer behind the fiery masks harassing me thus far, or is he also a greater devilish device of something greater..?

The heat coming off the purple flames is extreme. Ferocious columns of lightning threaten to short-out my suit, or worse, turn me into a blistered husk. What fuels these violent, burning apparitions?


The Ancient Wisp only deals damage through the delayed lightning columns that it summons. A tiny flame appears on the ground before they strike, making it very easy to dodge all damage this boss puts out by either jumping at the right time, or using a dodge ability (Extremly similar to one of the Imp Overlord/Vangaurds attack). However, when it dies it spawns two regular Wisp and two Greater Wisps, who are capable of finishing a player off with a salvo of attacks, so be wary of killing it close up if you are on low health.

Volatile Ancient Wisp: A elite form of the Ancient Wisp that centers it's lightning attack all in one place which can easily one shot most characters if not avoided. Also it will like other volatile elites fire of a missle similar to the the AtG mk.1 missle item occasionally at the player so watch out for that