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Field Notes

Field Notes:  

Could this be the architect of the smaller wisps? Perhaps this Ancient Wisp is the puppeteer behind the fiery masks harassing me thus far, or is he also a greater devilish device of something greater..?

The heat coming off the purple flames is extreme. Ferocious columns of lightning threaten to short-out my suit, or worse, turn me into a blistered husk. What fuels these violent, burning apparitions?


The Ancient Wisp only deals damage through the delayed lightning columns that it summons. A tiny flame appears on the ground before they strike, making it very easy to dodge all damage this boss puts out by either jumping at the right time, or using a dodge ability (Extremely similar to one of the Imp Overlord/Vanguards attack). However, when it dies it spawns two regular Wisps and two Greater Wisps, who are capable of finishing a player off with a salvo of attacks.

Volatile Ancient Wisp: A elite form of the Ancient Wisp that centers it's lightning attack all in one place which can easily one-shot most characters if not avoided. It will also fire of a missile similar to the the AtG mk.1 missile item occasionally at the player, like other volatile elites.