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"Drones are equipped with explosive weaponry."— Pickup Text
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The Arms Race is an uncommon utility item in Risk of Rain and deals explosive damage.[1]The Arms Race, upon pickup, will grants each drones in your arsenal a 9% chance to shoot out explosive heat-seeking missiles and occasionally mortar shots.


Healing drones are not affected, and drones with a higher fire rate trigger Arms Race more often. This means basic and assault drones benefit more than laser drones.

This item can be immensely powerful if stacked, allowing your drones to take over as your primary DPS. About 10-15 stacks seems make explosives near-guaranteed.

Character Synergies[]

Item Synergies[]


  • Arms Race is a reference to the term Arms Race in its original usage of the term refers to a competition between two or more states to have the best-armed forces. Each party competes to produce more weapons, larger military, superior military technology, etc. in a technological escalation.
    • The term Arms Race itself is also being used to describe any sort of long term escalating competitive situation where each competitor (the state it was joined on the competition)focuses on out-doing the others.


  • This item will unlock as any character when you farm enemies at Boar Beach.



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