"Chance to fire a missile. Watch for the backblast."— Pickup Text
AtG Missile Mk. 1 Shipping Details

The AtG Missile Mk. 1 is an uncommon damage item in Risk of Rain. On hitting an enemy, the player has a 10% chance of firing a missile that deals 300% damage and deals explosive damage.[1] These missiles cannot critically strike.

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Fort Joseph
Belt Num.1053
Boron System
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:  AtG Missile Mk. 1AtG Missile Mk. 1 Icon
Tracking Number:  160▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪

Order Description

:  A 10% chance of firing a missile that deals 300% damage

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Order Details

:  Shipment of [REDACTED] AtG Viper Missiles for Fort Joseph.

Lightweight and attachable to torso for free use of both hands. Can store up to 120 heat-seaking missiles, which is just what your men need to fight off the [REDACTED]
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It is good to abuse this item's damage computation. The damage output of this item is based on the damage dealt to an enemy, NOT the base damage of the character dealing the damage. So if ever an attack landed a crit, the missile damage spawned when it procs will have 300% amplification of the damage just dealt to the enemy. It is unconfirmed whether which damage of the piercing attacks like FMJ would be the basis of the missile, but it is assumed that the nearest enemy's taken damage is the basis.[verification needed]

Sadly enough, this does not apply to AtG Missile Mk. 2, it bases its damage on the base damage of the character.

Character SynergiesEdit

  • When in a large group or mob of enemies, Acrid's Epidemic spreading can fire a very large burst of these missiles.
  • High rate of fire characters such as commando can make use of it in the same way, but without relying on clustering enemies.

Item SynergiesEdit

  • This item synergizes well with other items that increase the players attack speed (such as the Soldier's Syringe) since more hits means more procs.


  • The full name of the AtG Missiles is actually the AtG Viper Missiles.




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