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Aurelionite Logbook image

Aurelionite is a unique Stone Titan Boss, found on the Gilded Coast in Risk of Rain 2. She has a chance of dropping Titanic Knurl or Halcyon Seed.


Aurelionite spawns once four Halycon[sic] beacons in the Gilded Coast are paid for, but she cannot be harmed until all 7 beacons are activated. After some time, the beacons deactivate, and require the players to pay for all 7 once again to damage Aurelionite. Killing the Aurelionite before they deactivate will complete the Blackout Challenge unlocking the Eccentric Vase

Aurelionite has similar attacks when compared to regular Stone Titans, with some differences. Instead of just a fist jutting out of the ground, the ground-punch creates a series of spikes in a line. These can knock the player high into the air.

Aurelionite's laser attack is shotgun-like, and locks on just like the Stone Titan's. However, the attack deals more damage the closer the target is, so when this attack is coming, it is critical to get away, or behind a wall or a shield.

Aurelionite may use both of these attacks at once, knocking the player into the air, where they are sitting ducks and likely to be obliterated by the beam.


Besides killing this boss regularly in the Gilded Coast, this monster log can also be obtained by having the summoned allied Aurelionite (from the Halcyon Seed item) die. Because she has a huge health pool and because you cannot damage allied units (with a few exceptions, but the lunar items that can deal damage to allies don't deal enough damage to get through Aurelionite's health pool), the only way to reliably kill her is to have her die to a Void Reaver's implosion. This is a more consistent way to get the log because of the low spawn rate of the Shrine of Gold.