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Right trigger.png   Key z.png

Fire a powerful slug for 150% damage.

Left trigger.png   Key x.png

Toss an explosive in an arc for 230% damage.

Right bumper.png   Key c.png

Turn invisible. After 3 seconds or after using another ability, surprise and stun enemies for 140% damage.

Left bumper.png   Key v.png

Take aim for a headshot, dealing 600% damage. If the ability kills an enemy, the Bandit's Cooldowns are all reset to 0.

Ancient Scepter Icon.svg

Take aim for a headshot, dealing 2x600% damage. If the ability kills an enemy, the Bandit's Cooldowns are all reset to 0.


  • Using Blast quickly will cap out at around 1.4x faster speed than holding it down. Using a turbo gamepad or third party program will not increase its firing speed past 1.4x speed.
  • When used, Smokebomb also grants a speed boost for its invisibility duration. Its stun effect occurs when the stealth ends, and only in the area around the Bandit.
  • Early game, having a few Crowbars can be highly beneficial, as it will allow for guaranteeing a one-shot with Lights Out against weaker enemies.
  • Anything that grants attack speed such as the Soldier's Syringe is exceptionally good as it'll reduce the already-brief charge time on Lights Out and increase the rate at which Blast can be fired. Similarly, on-hit items like the Brilliant Behemoth and the Heaven Cracker are very effective and supplement the Bandit with powerful area of effect damage.
  • With the Artifact of Glass on during early levels, Lights Out has an almost 100% chance to kill. Combined with the invisibility from Smokebomb, a surprise Lights Out followed by immediate cloaking can keep the player invisible for a majority of all combat.
  • The movement speed bonus gained from Smokebomb can be stacked with Gigantic Amethyst and can make Bandit the fastest character in the game.


  • Bandit getting 0.015% critical chance per level is most likely due to a coding error where the number 0.015 was thought to translate to 1.5%


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