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"Hurt nearby enemies."— Pickup Text
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The Barbed Wire is a common damage item in Risk of Rain.[1] It encircles the player in a small, grey, jagged circle, damaging enemies who come within. If several enemies are within range, only one of them will receive the damage.

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D. Sherman

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:  Barbed WireBarbed Wire Icon.png
Tracking Number:  192▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪

Order Description

:  Touching enemies deals 50% more damage/sec.

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:  Standard

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:  Great big bundle of barbed wire! Should help you.. 'catch fish'? Not sure what use barbed wire is for catching fish, but all the power to ya!
Should have about 500 ft included. The safety layer dissolves in water, so simply drop it
on your tub and it's ready to roll.

Disclaimer: I, or my company, am not responsible for any bodily harm delivered to..
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  • Barbed Wire is one of the few items which can damage Providence while he is under his shield buff.
  • Getting this item en masse can create a very large radius of death around the player, dealing enough damage to take down even bosses in a matter of a few seconds and killing normal enemies in a single hit. However, this only works with very, very large quantities of them - no less than triple digits.
  • Having a collection of Barbed Wire in triple digit amounts will also kill targets that are outside the range of your screen.

Character Synergies[]

Item Synergies[]


* To give an idea of the radius increase, the radius of 18 Barbed Wire stacks are equivalent to the area of one warbanner. TO

*To cover the entire screen in barbed wire takes approximately 175 barbed wire.


  • This item will sometimes disappear during transitions between different stages after using the teleporter.
  • Only the first player who picks this up in multiplayer will get the barbed wire and anyone else who gets it will increase that player's barbed wire and not their own [FIXED]
  • If Stacked high enough (~180) causing the radius to not be visible on the screen in 1x scale view, the barbed wire will reset/disappear..



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