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"Use items have a chance to double effect."— Pickup Text
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The Beating Embryo is a rare utility item in Risk of Rain.[1] The beating embryo does not affect every use item, such as the Drone Repair Kit and Carrara Marble. Additionally, the effect varies from item to item. Many attack items, such as the Disposable Missile Launcher, launch twice as many attacks while many duration items, such as the Shield Generator, have double the duration. More obscure items, such as the Skeleton Key and Snowglobe, may make it hard to notice the doubling effect (the Skeleton Key, for example, will start opening chests off the sides of the screen).

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Carolyn Williams
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:  Beating EmbryoBeating Embryo Icon.png
Tracking Number:  212▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪

Order Description

:  Use items have a 30% chance to deal with double the effect.

Shipping Method

:  Biological/Extremely Fragile

Order Details

:  Ah. We seem to have found a.. hive of sorts. Without its caretaker, however, most of the eggs seemed to have died off. Must have been caused by our previous specimen. KEEP IT REFRIGERATED. You do not want this.. beating embryo.. hatching in your care. God knows what will happen.
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Character Synergies[]

Item Synergies[]

  • Using the Shattered Mirror in conjunction with the Beating Embryo can work very well, as two shadows of the player will be created.





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