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The Beetle Queen logbook image.

The Beetle Queen is a boss in Risk of Rain 2.

Her unique Boss-item drop is the Queens Gland.


The Queen's basic attack is to spit a fan of acidic globs towards the player. These globs deal damage on contact and leave a pool of damaging acid on the ground. Players should exercise caution, as this attack can annihilate squishier characters hit at point-blank range.

Her other attack is to shoot out a group of flying, hornet-like insects. These penetrate the Engineer's Bubble Shield and need to be killed by shooting them, as they don't de-spawn on their own. They are surrounded by an aura that slows the players attack speed by stacking a debuff on them. This debuff stacks up to 10 times.

She can also summon a group of Beetles to the players location.

Before each attack, she raises her head to signal globs, or abdomen to signal hornets.