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Sakkeman Sakkeman 20 September 2020

Something Different

So one of my ideas that got to the RoR2 discords Top-Feedback was of a Mirror Shard item, that gives you a 20% chance to repeat any ability you use. I though I'd write a mock-lore description to that item, just for fun.

She knew there was something wrong with this job. Not just a hunch. Anyone with half a brain could tell this bounty was not your avarage cakewalk. Bounties this high were usually for military-class missions, or political assassination. Not for lone bandits, even if they had cleared a dozen banks.

Her partner, however, was adamant. This was just a common thief, admittedly a skilled one, but a thief none the less. He'd be no match for two pro-hunters, especially when he didn't know they were after him. She had tried to argue th…

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Sakkeman Sakkeman 18 September 2020

Rare Shrine Interactions

When the player uses a shrine, there could be a small, less than 1% change of something like these happening

Your reward is plentyful/SHARE THESE: two of the same item

Your Diligence is rewarded: Shrines become cheaper

Your offerings are rejected: the shrine explodes and ejects money

A peculiar reaction...: Shrine explodes in blue flame and drops a lunar coin

You feel blessed: luck +1 for the level  

You feel cursed: luck -1 for the level

It was merely slumbering: The shrine turns into a Golem

It rises to your aid: Shrine turn into a friendly Golem

What Power it held within: The Shrine explodes and drops a single Red item

It was... Hollow?: The Shrine crumbles to the ground, revealing a single white scrap

The Shrine takes a new form!: The Shrine twis…

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Sakkeman Sakkeman 14 September 2020

More Mercenary abilities...

Some of these I already shared over at the RoR2 Discord channel, but here are some more.

Alternate M2: Blade of Blood. Swing your blade as if to shake blood of it, sending a flying blade at your enemies. The blade goes through enemies, losing damage as it hits more of them. However, the lower your maximum health is, the more damage the blade deals, and if you are above 50% health, it damages you first, before firing the blade. This is a high risk/high reward ability.

Alternate Shift: Meteor Blade. Dash forwards a long distance with slight steering, hitting every enemy along the way. If this is performed at the ground from a sufficient height, Slam into the ground, sending out a shockwave to knock enemies back. Slamming increases the cooldown…

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Sakkeman Sakkeman 6 September 2020

Commando Abilities re-work

Here are some ideas for reworking the commando.

Commando is the basic character, so his hit should be simple enough to be used by a first time player. The difficulty with with giving him alternate abilities is they would either be boringly simple or outright more powerful than the existing ones. "Phase Round" and "Phase Blast" are just different enough to warrant seperate skills, and powerful in different situations to both be useful (depending on range). "Dive" and "Slide" are both useful, with slide having an advantage in distange covered, while dive grants (arguably) more mobility. Here slide being more complex than dive works well, because when the player unlocks it, they have already learned to use their skills effectively, so the curv…

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Sakkeman Sakkeman 3 September 2020

Acrid Ability Ideas

Here goes.

M1: Quill Throw. The Acrid swings its arms forwards, chucking three quills from its back with each throw. The quills have low accuracy (unlikely to hit the same small enemy) and mediocre damage. On the third swing the Acrid lurches its head forwards while raising its back to throw six quills directly form its back. Useful for finishing weakened enemies, lacks the Regeneration of the normal attack

Shift: Quill Slam. Similar to the other slams, this one has a shorter leap, but after landing the Acrid summons quills to burst from the ground and travel directly forwards in a directed wave. 

R: Acrid Rain (get it?): The Acrids foul breath condences and becomes acidic rain. Breath out three projectiles that float forwards and upwards bef…

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Sakkeman Sakkeman 2 September 2020

Engineer Ability Ideas

Here are some Engineer alternate ability ideas

M1: AA/flak cannon. Hold down to charge up to four shots of fast shells that detonate if enemies are within their radius for ~100% damage, or for more if they impact directly with enemies.

M2: EMP Mine. A mine that stuns enemies within a medium/large radius. They charge for three seconds to extend the duration of the stun and the radius of the blast. Light damage.

Shift: Generator. Throw down a generator that charges the equipments of nearby players and speeds up their ability cooldowns slightly. Attach directly to another player to give the boost exclusively to them.

R: Drone Turret. A flying turret (this is not a new or original idea) that inherits your items AND equipment. Deploy only one at a t…

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Sakkeman Sakkeman 30 August 2020

Mercenary Ability Ideas

Here are some ideas for unlockable Mercenary skills. These are supposed to make him better against flying enemies.

M2: Shuriken/Kunai throw. Pretty simple, a ranged attack that fits to his theme. Short cooldown, two charges by default. Throw two to three projectiles that home in on Exposed enemies, dealing medium damage(150%)

Shift: Rising Dragon. Dash upward and forwards (angle is shallower if you are sprinting) while spinning and slicing enemies with a corkscrew-like cut. A total of three "rotations" occur, each dealing more damage, like 200%, 300%, 400%. 

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Sakkeman Sakkeman 27 August 2020

Artificer Skill Ideas

The Artificer clearly uses three elements in her skills, Nano(electricity), Ice and Fire. I think she will have an alternate skill for each slot with each element. Those could be:

M1: Ice Bolt, slowing ice shards, stacks up to 4, similar to the other main skills. Maybe this could home, or split into weaker shards on hit.

M2: Charged Firebomb, if the skill is just clicked, the Artificer chucks out a slow ball of flame that detonates on impact and ignites enemies, but the longer it is charged the smaller and faster the ball is, and if fully charged, it becomes a beam of fire instead.

Shift: Nano-clones, Spawn three nano-clones to distract your enemies. They shock enemies when they are damaged. 

Shift: Phoenix. Flare in brilliant flame, healing f…

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Sakkeman Sakkeman 22 August 2020

More Heretic item suggestions

So in a previous blog I speculated on what kinds of Heretic items the other two could be(M2 and R)

Here is my suggestion for the R ability Heretic item

Words/ Song of Herecy: "Words to ignite the mind" A passive effect on the default R abilities, with an unique downside depending on the ability. Basically the ability now inflicts a debuff called "Burning Mind"(BM), damaging enemies over time and reducingtheir attack speed and weakens the special abilities of elites (reduced durations/proc changes, reduced radiuses for explosions). Visually it appears as a blue(lunar) flame on their heads(between the horns of an elite)

Unique downsides:

Commando, just plain less shots or just two shots for Rapid Fire, hold only one Granade. Now inflict BM


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Sakkeman Sakkeman 22 August 2020

MUL-T alternate ultimate idea

Got this idea while playing, and refined it a bit.

So MUL-T does as of yet have an alternative ultimate ability [R], so I came up with this. 


Like Retool, Reintegrate switches MUL-Ts primary attack, but istead of switching between two equipments, it would consume drones and turrets and convert them to items unique to MUL-T. In practice: 

Clicking [R] swithces the M1 attack, but HOLDING it switches the equipment slot (Q by default) to Reintegrator, which automatically targets activated drones, similar to Recycler. When a drone is reintegrated, Reintegrator is put on hold for the rest of the stage. The effect that is granted is unique to each drone.

Gunner Drone: Integrate the small propeller and light gun to slightly increase your mo…

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Sakkeman Sakkeman 21 January 2020

Heretic Item Speculation

So the lore for Visions of herecy and the fact that each charater has four skills would indicate that there are still two "Herecy" items to come. This blog is just some speculation as to what those might be.

So the first clue towards what they will be is that the four replacement skills are likely going to fill different roles, with a simple attack and a dodge already included. That leaves a signature move for [R] and an alternative attack for [M2). Judging from the skills of the existing characters there will probably be an AoE attack included.

Then the other clue is the possible names for the items. A "Visions" and "Strides" are both actions, that would indicate the other two will also be actions. Visions depicts an eye, and Strides is a l…

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Sakkeman Sakkeman 21 January 2020

Some Ideas

So I have been doing these simple idea blogs on different wikis for games I have played, and it has usually been fun. Don't really know if this blog scene is really active, but should be more so than the one on Risk of Rain wiki (the original)

But without further ado here we go:

Basically a red-rarity item that allow the player to obtain white rarity dud-items that do nothing, except are prioritized over others when re-forging or printing. The changes for "duds" to drop go down as the party has more, like max 10 at any given time. 

The dud would either be a pile of scrap components or a mass of clay, signifying that it can only be used in printing. They would drop either from enemies(or just elites) or when sometimes when failing a shrine.


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Sardrener Sardrener 5 January 2020

Lets Upgrade Risk of Rain Together!

It seems this Fandom Wiki still needs stuff fixed or added, lets flag em'!!!

Would it be possible to update Item templates so that they show an image of the item's Shipping Details when you hover over them??? If so, can that please be added!

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Matoledogger Matoledogger 2 November 2019

Top 11 Games Like Risk of Rain (Games Better Than Risk of Rain In Their Own Way)

This game has really made a legacy, look out how many other developers create new games with mechanics similiar to Risk of Rain


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Therealnozpot Therealnozpot 28 June 2019

Why does this wiki even *have* a blog feature?

Like seriously. I'm stumped. It's not like anyone's ever gonna read or respond to this.

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Awyman13 Awyman13 10 May 2019

Your Fandom Wiki Manager

Hello everyone! My name is Awyman13 and I’m the Fandom Wiki Manager for the . I am here to help the community and be a liaison to full-time Fandom staff. If you ever have a question or issue relating to the wiki, editing, styling, infoboxes, templates, etc., please contact me on my message wall.

Here are some handy links for help with wiki features:

  • Galleries, Slideshows, and Sliders—ways to present images.
  • Tabbers—a tabbed interface to organize information.
  • Portable Infoboxes—concise presentation of data that works on mobile devices too.
  • Community CSS and JavaScript—more customization options.

Questions? Let me know how I can help. - --awyman13 Talk Work 01:57, May 10, 2019 (UTC)

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Sakkeman Sakkeman 26 April 2019

Mandela effect in full swing

Seriously could have sworn it was called Rallypoint Alpha


While were are at it, some more item ideas

  1. Viper fang/skull, item kinda like the triangular knife, except with a slower, longer, poison-type effect.
  2. Sonic Blast, item that creates a sonic boom whenever the player uses their utility skill. The boom knocks enemies away from the player, dealing more damage to those that were the closes the player, also increases the range of the dodge. For the engineer, the bubble could blast enemies away when it is deployed.
  3. The Cauldron. I bet the devs are preparing something along these lines... So the newt merchant in the bazaar can be damaged, which might mean it is a WIP secret boss. My thoughts are it will drop an use-item that allow the playe…
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Sakkeman Sakkeman 9 April 2019

You Know What

So, I used to write a blog in the Terraria Wiki some years ago, where I just listed some ideas for enemies and items. When I looked through those blogs(titled UITWBC, updates I think would be cool) I noticed quite a lot of those were now in the game.

Soo... here come some ideas I had for Risk of Rain 2, who knows, maybe they will end up in the game one way or another.

1. An item that would make unopened chests glow golden and drop a little money when opened. This would make differentiating opened and unopened chests form one another easier, which is quite difficult in multiplayer and at a distance. Maybe something like "Fools Gold".

2. An Apple with a worm in it. Strike enemies to attack up to one worm per stack to them. This worm slowly dama…

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Sakkeman Sakkeman 3 April 2019

Let's not clutter the Character pages with subjective matters

So, now that the new game is out in early access, and we are all very excited, let's remember one thing.

This is a Wiki, not your own "Tips, Tricks and more!" blog. If you want to share your own ideas and builds, you should do so in the "Talk" page for the subject in question, DON'T CLUTTER UP THE ACTUAL ARTICLE. There are dozens of item and character combos and synergies, and they belong to the notes, and even then you should avoid notes like "faster attacks increase your DPS" or "not getting hit means you don't get hurt".

  • Confirmed and replicateable bugs
  • Non-obvious or non-self evident effects (details on what aspects of an items effect stack, if they affect different characters in notably different ways)
  • Potential caveats for using an item th…

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Gaboober Gaboober 1 April 2019

RoR2 Wiki is growing!

Hey Everyone!

I'm glad to see that the RoR2 Wiki is filling up already, kudos to everyone that contributed or will contribute in the future!

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Zoilistmaus Zoilistmaus 19 September 2018

My first blog post

Hello! This is my first blog post in the risk of rain wiki. I might make more blog posts in the future.

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NocturnalRabyte NocturnalRabyte 14 August 2017

Pro Mode Activated

Pro Single-Player Challenge

Character: HAN-D

Artifacts: Honor, Glass, Spite, Distortion, Origin

      Spirit optional

Difficulty: Monsoon

Yeah... Good luck.

And yeah, it's possible.

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Derf0001 Derf0001 20 June 2017

hi there

hi there

i would just like to say that i am new but love this wiki so am trying to help it

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Blancfaye7 Blancfaye7 24 December 2015

Chapter 1: The Beginning - Part 2

The announcement had always repeated in a monotonous tone. I am guessing this won't stop until all of the men in this cargo are in Hold 1. I started counting off heads, but Jason here interrupted me. "What an annoyance, don't you think? Just about time when we come to Earth and a weird party has erupted.", complained Jason, sighing along in his lines.

Jason and I have been working together in the cargo since we always have been assigned to the same ship, the Transcendent Contact Light which is also called TCL. We have shared a lot of things already, including my family and his. I do not know him in deeper terms yet, as he does not open up.

I did not reply to him as this is very worrying. Since this cargo has always been travelling at the sam…

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Blancfaye7 Blancfaye7 16 December 2015

Chapter 1: The Beginning

New year is coming. I cannot wait to meet my family again. Tomorrow is the birthday, dated on January 1, 2220, of my daughter Sylmeria. She is the only family I have left. My wife already had passed away.

I was in a mission to deliver some important military goods to Mars. It was a top secret mission, in which even us, the cargo mailmen, are prohibited to gain knowledge of what the cargo hold carries. It took us for nearly 2 days to reach Mars, and go back to Earth for another 2 days.

The cargo hold does not give oxygen, so this is why the mailmen inside must wear space helmets, which implies the mailmen are wearing space suits.

My daughter... I wonder what she's doing? I hope she's fine.

I continue to think about my daughter while sitting on…

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Jman44880 Jman44880 20 May 2015

Character idea - Wraps

THEME: Mummy


We could call him Wraps or alternatively R.A.P.S. (pronounciation remains the same)

R.A.P.S. stands for

Restricted (as in imprisoned)
Ancient/Alien (haven't decided yet)
Pathogenic (disease-carrying)
Symbiote (organism wich lives in unison with a host body without negative effects for either of them)


He's a mummy with white-ish bandages and sandy skin, he gains dark-brown/black scales for armor. Walks with a limp when below 20% HP.

His death animation: Gets knocked into the air (like commando) but his body gets blown away like sand by the wind and only bandages land on the ground.


There was an archeological dig on a seemingly deserted planet... The people who lived there were all annihalated by some kind of sy…

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EmberSynth EmberSynth 20 February 2015

Well, Hello.

I scroll this wiki all the time, but I never actually made an edit to join. I'm here now, I guess.

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Blancfaye7 Blancfaye7 16 January 2015

Risk of Rain Story

I am making a Risk of Rain story, but I am afraid nobody will ever read it, or I am afraid that my English is too bad for writing since my vocabulary is limited. Just comment here if you are interested in reading, and I will post them here in my blogs soon.

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Starport592 Starport592 13 January 2015

Unreliable, Outdated, and Untouched

Hey everyone! I'm not going to lie, I've been away for a little bit*.

Here's an update on what I've been thinking in terms of this wiki:

  • Item page Standardization. Pandaman018 and I had previously made a push towards this, and various members of the community have also contributed, but the fact is that many pages still don't have the standard layout.
  • Item page re-vamp. I want to make the Item page easier to navigate. The lists can make that page incredibly big, and it's just not as user friendly as it could be. On top of that, it's STILL missing some of the new items from the not-so-recent 1.2 update. Yeesh.
  • Enemy animations. You may have noticed that some of the enemy pages have enemy animations, while others don't. The goal is to make …
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Pharuan Undearth Pharuan Undearth 7 November 2014

Favorite Character...

As the title say who's your favorite character?

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DrParaplegic DrParaplegic 2 November 2014

Grammar Nazi

The Grammar Nazi is in town... Watch out!

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LyveHyve LyveHyve 1 November 2014

Fresh Meat

Hello People!

LyveHyve here, just wanted to say I have finished my first edit on the Leeching Seed Page.


I did the Item Synergies and I will do many more.

Message me if you would like some help with anything.

Thankyou for the support and I will see many of you later!

- LyveHyve -

Happy Hunting and Good Luck!

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Starport592 Starport592 6 August 2014


So I know I already posted today, but I just remembered something that I believe deserves it's own blog post:

I added more achievements to earn! YAY! I have not given each of the achievements their own badges yet, as I have yet to think of something clever (I want them to make sense in some way. Idk, maybe it's just me.) Either way, basically there are three new categories to earn achievements in:

Category:Items Category:Enemies Category:Drones

The reason being, is that the first two categories have been extensively used and I believe are here to stay. We will not be re-naming those categories so I think it's fair to say they are permanent enough to have their own achievements. The Drone one I added because I thought that the Engineer w…

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Starport592 Starport592 6 August 2014

It's a Christmas Miracle

Wow. Maybe it's because it's the summer, or I don't know. But we have gotten a ridiculous amount of views on this Wiki! Almost 162,000 views, and roughly 1,300 edits within ONE WEEK.

It's so beautiful, I might cry.  :')

Of course, this wiki is nowhere near done, and there's still tons of work to be done, but...

I don't know... Just watching all this new activity... It feels good.

I want to thank all the users, both registered and unregistered, for donating your knowledge to this Wiki, and I especially want to thank Pandaman018 for stepping up and editing like a madman for at least a week (As well as reaching Rank #1 on this Wiki!)

Thank you all so much! It's always important to understand that this Wiki needs your information just as much …

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Starport592 Starport592 4 August 2014

Mobile Switchable Infoboxes

I've FINALLY got them to work! JavaScript works fine on most mobile browsers, but for some reason the mobile site decides to shut it off, and I can't link the JavaScript into the page like I can with CSS, so instead I did some Googling and found a way to do it purely in CSS!

Is it the correct way of doing it? Absolutely not! But it works! And frankly, that's all I care about. If and when Wikia decides to allow JavaScript (Although I doubt they will anytime soon) to run on the mobile version of the site, this workaround will allow infoboxes that are switchable to render correctly!

The limitation of this template for mobile devices, is that it can only support at max 5 options. It can be extended, but I was just trying to get it to work, a…

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Pandaman018 Pandaman018 3 August 2014


Finally reached Rank #1 on this Risk of Rain Wiki!!! My head's gonna explode after those hundreds of edits. I've organised all the enemy pages so they will be easier for people to look up now.

Learning stuff is always challenging & interesting. Although I'm new to building templates, I think I am on the right path. I will manage it sooner or later XD. My English also needs more practice. I don't really know if others can get my idea smoothly sometimes.

Anyway, I don't know how long my enthusiasm can last, but at least in the not-that-near future, I would keep testing and editing pages as usual.

Gotta have some sleep. (~﹃~)~zZ


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Starport592 Starport592 30 July 2014

Mobile site

I finally found a way to edit the way the mobile site via looks with CSS. It's a bit sloppy, I admit, but if for some reason you loaded this site on your smartphone or other handheld device, it should start to look much cleaner.

On another note, I'm starting to compress images in hopes to reduce loading times in general.

I am using TinyPNG's online web service, but my preferred image editor is GIMP. If anyone know of any plugins for GIMP that compresses PNGs for the web, please let me know!

(Or just downloadable tools that do a better job than the one I am using!)

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Starport592 Starport592 28 July 2014


So I finally quit my job haha. So now I plenty of time to work on the wiki again! If I talk anymore about my job wikia will flag me as spam so I'll just jump straight to what I've been doing.

I've been crawling around other wikis, and decided that the wiki needed a graphic overhaul. I changed the background to a screenshot of falling chests from the intro of ROR, and turned it into a tile with GIMP. (I

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Starport592 Starport592 11 July 2014


I just recently got a job.

So basically, what this means is that I'll have less time to edit the wiki until my job ends (Or I quit, which is also possible.)

Getting a new laptop soon though, so then again I might still be able to get on and off every now and then. But no major overhauls like I'd been doing. I still want to get the items page layout standardized and the enemy pages standardized and enemy animations uploaded. I also want updated shipping detail images and of course they should follow the pattern of: " Shipping Details.png".

But other than that, happy editing, editors! I'll be around.

Until now, it's editing from my iPhone and doing a whole lot of work for something I'm not 100% sure I want to do.

But enough negativity!


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Starport592 Starport592 16 May 2014

GameMaker Source

I have received a handful (Literally, less than 5) requests for the source, and every time I have to respond I feel a little weird. So here is my final conclusion:

I will not be giving out the source, nor did I have any right to. While I feel that for the purpose of gaining information on Risk of Rain, it is necessary to have the source code, I've come to the conclusion that, in order to prevent the recompilation and potential distribution of illegal versions of Risk of Rain (There are plenty of individuals who dedicate their time to doing this already), the basic mindset here is:

  1. If you have half a brain, you should be able to operate Google.
  2. If you own Risk of Rain, and you have access to Google, you should be able to get the source of th…
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Starport592 Starport592 15 May 2014

Decided to call them maps

Well, originally I was going to call them areas, but since even the devs call them maps, it only makes sense that the wiki do the same. At least that's how I look at it. It's still up for discussion, because renaming it isn't as bad as I thought it'd be, maybe only 5-10 minutes tops to move all the pages into a new category.

Messing with a new template that does formats keyboard keys around letters that you type. It's based off of the Wikipedia template, so if you want a complete list of all the characters you can use either view the source or check Wikipedia's template.

Happy gaming everyone!

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Starport592 Starport592 5 May 2014


Trying to edit the wiki from my iPhone... Grrrrr

Will be adding artifact pages and formatting artifacts table on the Items page.

Other things that still need to get done:

-monster log animations -map name template -map soundtracks -Item Portrait rename (trying to standardize the image names so it is easier to reference the images)

(I don't know whether to use level or map to refer to the stages in Risk of Rain. Will determine when I get off the bus.)

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Starport592 Starport592 2 March 2014

Mediawiki bots

Does anyone know how to get one of these up and running?  I'd really like to use the bot to handle batch tasks that I would rather not have to do manually (I'll do it, but it's real repetative.).  I have real limited coding knowledge (HTML, a little bit of css, and a REALLY SMALL AMOUNT of Javascript is all I know.  It's enough to edit a wiki, but apparently it's not enough for a running bot.)

If anyone knows, could you please help me out or point me in the right direction or something?

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Starport592 Starport592 1 February 2014

I'm going to try and take over this wiki

Hey! I haven't been here very long, but of the time I've been here I've been editing like crazy. I've created templates for characters and items, and I'd really like to help re-organize this wiki. I'm posting here in order to let the community give their input. Feel free to let me know what you think of this!

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Matt Hadick Matt Hadick 24 January 2014

Risk of Rain Stream and Giveaway

Mike and I will be streaming Risk of Rain tomorrow, January 24rd, from 3:00-4:00pm PST on the Wikia Live Ustream. We're also going to give away three copies of the game to viewers who tweet a secret code word to @Wikia (after it's been revealed)! Keep your eyes and ears peeled! We're going to be starting a new game, seeing how far we can get within the hour, and we'd really appreciate some pointers from you guys.

See you there!

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