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Boar Beach

The Boar Beach is a hidden area which can only be accessed from the Ancient Valley - Frozen Tundra level. To enter this map, the player must locate an open fence in the upper left area of the map. Once there, holding UP at the open section of the fence and waiting a few seconds sends the player into a new area. When the teleporter in boar beach is activated it will be ready right away and return the player to Ancient Valley - Frozen Tundra.

This is where you need to stand.

The entrance only spawns if the bridge in the middle of the map of Ancient Valley - Frozen Tundra is NOT broken. This area is NOT accessible in multiplayer, even though the fence may spawn.

The variant of Frozen Tundra the player is returned to is a new level, and may not contain the fence.

This is a reference to the MMO Maplestory where there is a hidden map called Pig Beach, with the exact same landscape and layout as Boar Beach.



The Maplestory map referenced by Boar Beach


-If the player is hit while teleporting to Boar Beach, their current health remaining will be set as their maximum HP.

-When later in the game, traveling to boar beach while a boss type is spawning, the boss will continue spawning in boar beach for the first few seconds.