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Bulwark's Ambry is a Hidden Realm accessed by the Compound Generator in Sky Meadow.

The area consists of block-shaped platforms, with the Artifact Reliquary in the center.


Logbook Entry[]


I’ve begun to understand our universe. The compounds that drive reality here. I’ve prepared a demonstration - come look, brother!

Now, look here. It’s got presence and weight. Round, with no features. No orientation. It is mass. Almost everything here is mass. Mass is boring, but required.

We can take mass - and shape it to form. Features, angles, and intent. Look at the planarity of the surfaces. This is design. I love design.

Now, a volatile one - a lifeline. Blood. Sharp, yet radiant. Blood is heat. This is my blood, but there is plenty of blood in this universe.

Now be gentle. Look closely here. Do you see it? Almost invisible, a thin film. Frail. It’s not in this reality, but an adjacent one. I’ve heard you discuss this - something you innately understood. What you describe as soul. Don’t you love soul?

Do you understand? It’s your turn, brother! I’ve simply found the compounds. It is your hands that must craft value from them.


  • The Bulwark's Ambry is the only instance where a cutscene plays in Risk of Rain 2. More specifically, it's a closeup of the Trials' Artifact before panning out to show that it's contained within the Artifact Reliquary.