Not to be confused with the first game's version, Bundle of Fireworks.


Bundle of Fireworks is a returning common item in Risk of Rain 2. Opening chest and pods or activating Shrines or the map's Teleporter will launch a stream of homing firework rockets. Each rocket deals 300% damage, and each stack adds 4 rockets to the initial 8.

The rockets seek out enemies and explode on them, be warned if the fireworks hit any walls they'll explode automatically dealing no damage.


This item is unlocked by completing the Challenge "...Maybe One More".


"Hey, happy anniversary!

You really thought I forgot?

Ah, I thought I was the dumb one in our relationship. C'mon T, of course not! Well, I wasn't going to let a little alien death planet ruin our night. Right? Shh, just watch. Just watch. It's okay. Just watch. You'll love it - you really will. Then we can go home.

You can keep your eyes closed. Just listen. Ah - here it comes! In five... four... three... two... ONE...!"

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