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"Heal quickly after standing still for 2 seconds."— Pickup Text
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The Bustling Fungus is a common healing item in Risk of Rain.[1]

Heals the player for 4.5% of their health after 2 seconds out of combat. There is no cap on how many times Bustling Fungus' effect will stack. However, having more than 22 stacked will heal more than your total health per second, making further stacks largely useless outside of co-op. Unlike the Sprouting Egg, to activate the healing effect one must stand completely immobile and not perform any kind of action, including activating shrines or opening chests.

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:  Bustling FungusBustling Fungus Icon.png
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Order Description

:  After 2 seconds, heal for 4.5% of your health every second.

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:  Priority

Order Details

:  The strongest biological healing agent.. is a mushroom. Found in an abandoned house. I find some humor in that.
This fungus has developed an amazing defense mechanism of hiding underground when bothered, allowing it to live long enough to distribute spores.

Can be either ground into a paste or.. planted directly into the wound. A small warning; you'll feel it enter you, and it's every bit unpleasant as it sounds.
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  • A very good item for co-op, as this item will also heal any other players standing on top of you while the fungus takes effect.
    • The amount healed per second is based on the health of the player who owns the active fungus. Other players in the fungus's area of effect will receive the same health per second, regardless of what their maximum health is.
    • Multiple players with Bustling Fungus cannot overlap their fungus for higher effect. If two players stand close enough to each other, only one fungus will activate.
    • It is also very good for item stacking as every one adds quite a bit of health regeneration.

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  • The expected date of delivery is listed in the late 1700s. This is extremely far from the date of the game's events and may prove that time travel has become possible.
    • This is further proven through the various timey wimey items found in Risk of Rain 2




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