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Not to be confused with the version from the first game, the Bustling Fungus.

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The Bustling Fungus(Risk of Rain 2) is a common healing item in Risk of Rain.[1]

After 1 Second it creates an aura that heals the carrier and any nearby allies for

4.5% of the carrier's max health/second.

Stacking will increase the healing by 2.25% and the range by 1.5 meters per stack.

Once Bustling Fungus' aura effect has been created, it will be canceled by any form of movement.

Visually this item appears as a green cluster of fungi on the player's right shoulder.


  • Since the Engineers Auto-Turrets can't move, their fungi will be active until they are broken. Placing the turrets within each other's healing range will allow for them to heal one another. Any player in this overlapping zone will be healed by them both. The fungus can also be seen on the turret.
  • The soft-cap for Bustling Fungus is 44, as each tick will heal 101.25% of max health.
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