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The Captain's Brooch is a use item in Risk of Rain that gives you the ability to summon a Small Chest nearby, providing you with more items.

The chests you call down are more expensive than chests you will find lying around on the same level.

Shipping Details

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Box 1,
The Lusty Lad,

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:  Captain's BroochCaptain's Brooch Icon.png
Tracking Number:  825▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪

Order Description

:  Call down a chest nearby

Shipping Method

:  Volatile

Order Details

:  The brooch has been passed down for many generations in my family, signifying the new captain of Contact Light. I'll actually be personally delivering this back to my home, so mark it as high priority. ..hmm? There is a very small button on the back. Pressing it seems to do nothing...
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Character Synergies[]

This item goes well with just about every character, but it truly shines on characters who are capable of standing their ground and camping long enough to accumulate enough gold for the item's effect to be useful. As the chests summoned by the Brooch are much more expensive than most chests found naturally on the level, you will need to rake in a hefty payday for this artifact to reach its true potential. The Command artifact also synergizes incredibly well with this item, allowing the player to assemble their own build for as long as they are able to withstand the hordes of enemies. Characters who benefit the most from this artifact include the Sniper, the Engineer, the Enforcer, and HAN-D.

Item Synergies[]

Life Savings: You can stay after the teleporter is usable, and use money earned from life savings to open chests to farm up.


  • This can place chests in front of other chests, opened chests, command chests, jump pads, etc.
  • The shipping details may imply that the button on the back of the brooch is what summoned Providence, leading to the events of the game.


  • When using Captain's Brooch on an online Co-op, the way the chest is spawned is not the same in the server and each client. The behavior seems to be that the chest is spawned near their own character. When the chest that is spawned is opened, the location of the item will be at the server's location.