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This page contains a list of Uncommon Items.


These are the items that ultimately increase your damage output in some way. They do this by adding Crowd Control effects (like stuns and slows) or bonus damage to the player's character or their attacks.

Icon Name Description Stacking[1] How to Unlock Item Name
AtG Missile Mk. 1 Icon
AtG Missile Mk. 1 On hit: 10% chance of firing a missile that deals 300% damage +10% chance to fire missile Not Locked
Boxing Gloves Icon
Boxing Gloves On hit: 6% chance to knock enemies back (15% on game description) ~+5% knockback chance Not Locked
Chargefield Generator Icon
Chargefield Generator On kill: generate a lightning ring around the player, dealing 50% damage/sec for 6 seconds.
Killing additional enemies while the ring is active increases the ring's size and refreshes its duration
+10% damage/sec Mercenary: Eviscerate 50 enemies.
Golden Gun Icon
Golden Gun Deals bonus damage depending on how much gold the player has, up to +40% damage at 700 gold; scales with time Halves the gold required for the maximum damage bonus GLOBAL: Bank 20,000 gold.
Predatory Instincts Icon
Predatory Instincts +5% crit chance.
On crit: increase attack speed by 10% for three seconds; this effect can stack up to three times for a total of +30% attack speed(further stacks will only refresh the duration)
+5% crit chance, +1% extra attack speed on crit Huntress: Defeat the Legendary Wisp without taking damage.
Toxic Worm Icon
Toxic Worm Touching an enemy infects it, dealing 50% damage/sec until they die; bounces to other enemies on death +1 simultaneous infection target Acrid: Spread 10,000 feet of "Caustic Sludge".
Ukulele Icon
Ukulele On hit: 20% chance to fire chain lightning for 4x33% damage +33% damage per bounce Not Locked
Will-o'-the-wisp Icon
Will-o'-the-wisp On kill: 33% chance to create a lava pillar, dealing 500% damage Increases damage Not Locked
Frost Relic Icon
Frost Relic On kill: Killing an enemy surrounds you with 3 icicles that deal 3x33% damage +1 additional icicle. Not Locked


These are the items that increase the player's survivability. They do this by either increasing the player's health and armor stats or by increasing their health regeneration in some way. Do keep in mind that items that increase health will only do so up to a value of 9999.

Icon Name Description Stacking[1] How to Unlock Item Name
Dead Man's Foot Icon
Dead Man's Foot Drop a poison mine at low health for 4x150% damage +1 poison tick GLOBAL: Find the bloated survivor.
Guardian's Heart Icon
Guardian's Heart Gain a shield worth 60 health; this shield instantly recovers after 7 seconds without taking any type of damage +60 shield amount Not Locked
Harvester's Scythe Icon
Harvester's Scythe +5% crit chance;
On crit: recover 8 health
+5% crit chance; +2 health on crit GLOBAL: Use a health shrine that drops you below 5% health.
Infusion Icon
Infusion On kill: increase max health by one +0.5 max health on kill Not Locked
Leeching Seed Icon
Leeching Seed On hit: recover 2 health; hitting mulitple enemies at once will increase amount recovered +1 health on hit Not Locked
Panic Mines Icon
Panic Mines When at low health: drop a mine that deals 500% damage +1 mines dropped Miner: Survive the teleporter event without falling below 50% health.
Tough Times Icon
Tough Times +14 armor +14 armor Not Locked


These are the items that don't directly affect the player's stats and/or attacks; nevertheless, they're still highly beneficial to the player in some way.

Icon Name Description Stacking[1] How to Unlock Item Name
56 Leaf Clover Icon
56 Leaf Clover Elite mobs have a 4% chance to drop items +4% item drop chance, up to a maximum of 30% at 8 stacks GLOBAL: Kill the Scavenger.
Arms Race Icon
Arms Race On drone action: 9% chance for drones to fire missiles and mortars Increases chance of firing artillery HAN-D: Kill 10 enemies simultaneously with FORCED-REASSEMBLY.
Concussion Grenade Icon
Concussion Grenade On hit: 6% chance to stun enemies for two seconds Increases stun chance Engineer: Kill a Boss in 15 seconds or less.
Energy Cell Icon
Energy Cell When below 50% health: increases attack speed; maxes out at 10% health with +40% attack speed Increases attack speed bonus when triggered Not Locked
Filial Imprinting Icon
Filial Imprinting Drops attack speed/health regen/move speed buffs every 20 seconds +1 for first 3. (Unsure after, needed 7 before got a 4th.) GLOBAL: Drown 20 Whorls.
Hopoo Feather Icon
Hopoo Feather Gain an additional Jump Add another jump Not Locked
Prison Shackles Icon
Prison Shackles On hit: slow enemies by 20% Increases duration of the slow Not Locked
Red Whip Icon
Red Whip Increase speed out of combat by 80% Unconfirmed Not Locked
Rusty Jetpack Icon
Rusty Jetpack +10% jump height; halves the effect of gravity on the player +10% jump height Not Locked
Smart Shopper Icon
Smart Shopper +25% enemy gold drops +25% enemy gold drops Not Locked
Time Keeper's Secret Icon
Time Keeper's Secret When at low health: stop time for three seconds +1s time stop duration up to a max of 8 stacks for 10 seconds pause Not Locked

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