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Challenges are in-game tasks in Risk of Rain 2 which the player can complete in order to gain access to additional Items, Equipment, and Characters. Some have to be performed within a single playthrough while others are completed over several playthroughs on the same profile.

If a challenge offers items or equipment as a reward, they are immediately added to the potential loot pool upon completion and are available in the same playthrough. Unlocked characters become available for all subsequent playthroughs.

List of Challenges[]

Icon Name Description Unlocks
Advancement Complete a teleporter event Armor-Piercing Rounds
The Basics.png
The Basics Discover 10 unique white items. Crowbar
Learning Proccess.png
Learning Process Die 5 times. Tougher Times
Keyed Up.png
Keyed Up Defeat the teleporter boss in under 15 seconds. Rusted Key
Elite Slayer.png
Elite Slayer Defeat an Elite-type monster. Med Kit
Flawless Fully charge a teleporter without getting hit. Backup Magazine
Is this bugged.png
"Is This Bugged?" Fail the shrine of chance 3 times in a row. Paul's Goat Hoof
...Maybe One More. Duplicate the same item 7 times in a row with a 3D Printer. Bundle of Fireworks
Death Do Us Part.png
Death Do Us Part Discover the hidden chamber in the Abandoned Aqueduct. Runald's Band

Kjaro's Band

Experimenting Pick up 5 different types of Equipment. Fuel Cell
Going Fast Recommended.png
Going Fast Recommended Reach +300% movespeed

(Includes Sprinting)

Wax Quail
Glorious Battle Charge the teleporter with less than 10% health. Berzerker's Pauldron
Warmonger Complete three Combat Shrines in a single stage. War Horn
Rapidfire Reach +200% attack speed. Predatory Instincts
Prismatically Aligned.png
Prismatically Aligned Complete a Prismatic Trial. Harvester's Scythe
Cut Down Defeat 500 Elite monsters Old Guillotine
Slaughter Defeat 3000 enemies. Infusion
Naturopath Without healing, reach and complete the 3rd teleporter event. Rejuvenation Rack
Macho Deal 5,000 damage in one attack. (Can be multiple hits, piercing, crits, etc.) Unstable Tesla Coil
Deicide Defeat an Elite boss on Monsoon difficulty Brainstalks
The Lone Survivor.png
The Lone Survivor Stay alive for 30 consecutive minutes. Dio's Best Friend
The long road.png
The Long Road Complete 20 stages in a single run. 57 Leaf Clover
Newtist Discover and activate 8 unique Newt Altars. Soulbound Catalyst
Her concepts.png
Her Concepts Find the altar to N'kuhana. N'kuhana's Opinion
Deja Vu?.png
Deja Vu? Loop back to the first stage. Sentient Meat Hook
The Demons And The Crabs Kill 20 Hermit Crabs by chasing them off the edge of the map. Gesture of the Drowned
Blockade Breaker Kill 15 boss enemies in a single run Strides of Heresy

Visions of Heresy

Cosmic Explorer.png
Cosmic Explorer Discover and enter three unique portals. Spinel Tonic
Moon Worshipper.png
Moon Worshipper Carry 5 Lunar items in a single run. Glowing Meteorite
Multikill! Kill 15 enemies simultaneously. Helfire Tincture
Funded! Collect $30,480 total gold. The Crowdfunder
Mechanic Repair 30 drones or turrets. The Backup
Warm For Life Die three times while burning
One with the Woods.png
One with the Woods Fully upgrade a Shrine of the Woods. Gnarled Woodsprite
Bookworm Collect 10 Monster or Environment Logs. Radar Scanner
Blackout Defeat the Guardian of Gilded Coast without any beacons deactivating. Eccentric Vase
Ascendant Defeat the teleporter bosses after activating 2 Shrines of the Mountain. Royal Capacitor
[REDACTED] Open the Timed Security Chest on Rallypoint Delta. Preon Accumulator
Warrior Reach and complete the 3rd teleporter event without dying. Huntress
Verified Complete the first teleporter event 5 times. MUL-T
Engineering Perfection.png
Engineering Perfection Complete 30 Stages Engineer
Pause Free the survivor suspended in time. Artificer
True Respite.png
True Respite Obliterate yourself at the Obelisk. Mercenary
Power Plant Repair the broken robot with an Escape Pod's Fuel Array. Rex
Guidance Offline.png
Guidance Offline Defeat the unique guardian of Siren's Call. Loader
To Be Left Alone.png
...To Be Left Alone Stabilize the Cell in the Void Fields. Acrid
The Captain.jpg
Washed Away Beat the game Captain
Commando: Incorruptible As Commando, clear 20 stages in a single run without picking up any Lunar items.
Slicing winds.PNG
Mercenary: Ethereal As Mercenary, complete a Prismatic Trial without falling below 100% health. Slicing Winds

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