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"Increased health, health regeneration, and armor."— Pickup Text
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The Colossal Knurl is a boss healing item in Risk of Rain.[1] The Colossal Knurl is a boss item in Risk of Rain that increases the player's health by 40, health regeneration by 1.2 hp per second, and armor by 6.

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Fractured Rock,

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:  Colossal KnurlColossal Knurl Icon.png
Tracking Number:  937▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪

Order Description

:  Increases health by 40, health regeneration by 1.2/second and armor by 6.

Shipping Method

:  Field-Found

Order Details

:  There is obviously some essence left in this hunk; the Knurl is still attracting nearby earth and dirt, trying to reconstruct itself. Perhaps I can use this to my advantage; a self-repairing chunk of earth could serve as a good shield.
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The Knurl is a good item for anyone, being an across-the-board boost to the player's durability; most notable are the armor boosts, a rare effect outside of leveling.

Character Synergies[]

The Knurl, while useful for every class, is best for the melee classes. Its health, regen, and defense boosts help mitigate the damage they take.

Item Synergies[]

It synergizes with other healing items, such as the Mysterious Vial, to provide continuous, unconditional healing. The flat HP boost is nice, but outclassed relatively soon by the Infusion; nonetheless, every drop of HP helps.


  • Stacking these to obtain Armor isn't recommended, due to the difficulty of obtaining them. Chart [1]




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