Colossal Knurl
Colossal Knurl Icon

Description Increase health by 40, health regeneration by 1.2/second, and armor by 6.
Stacking +40 health, +1.2 regen, +6 armor.
Unlock Dropped by Colossus.
Rarity Boss
Type Defensive
Pickup Text Increased health, health regeneration, and armor.
Colossal Knurl Shipping Details
The Colossal Knurl is a boss defensive item in Risk of Rain.[1]
Colossal Knurl Shipping Details

The Colossal Knurl is a boss item in Risk of Rain that increases the player's health by 40, health regeneration by 1.2 hp per second, and armor by 6.

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Fractured Rock,

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:  Colossal KnurlColossal Knurl Icon
Tracking Number:  937▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪

Order Description

:  Increases health by 40, health regeneration by 1.2/second and armor by 6.

Shipping Method

:  Field-Found

Order Details

:  There is obviously some essence left in this hunk; the Knurl is still attracting nearby earth and dirt, trying to reconstruct itself. Perhaps I can use this to my advantage; a self-repairing chunk of earth could serve as a good shield.
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The Knurl is a good item for anyone, being an across-the-board boost to the player's durability; most notable are the armor boosts, a rare effect outside of leveling.

Character SynergiesEdit

The Knurl, while useful for every class, is best for the melee classes. Its health, regen, and defense boosts help mitigate the damage they take.

Item Synergies Edit

It synergizes with other healing items, such as the Mysterious Vial, to provide continuous, unconditional healing. The flat HP boost is nice, but outclassed relatively soon by the Infusion; nonetheless, every drop of HP helps.


  • Stacking these to obtain Armor isn't recommended, due to the difficulty of obtaining them. Chart [1]




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