Risk of Rain Wiki

Field Notes

Field Notes:  A low groaning, lasting for a few days at least. From the relative safety of my drop pod I watched as a mountain rose to its knees, pushing itself up with arms of stone and dirt and twine.

The Colossus appears as a cousin of the Rock Golem and share many similarities, from its red gaze to its stocky stature. Around its feet many smaller golems rose, joining it. In what possible ways could conventional weapons help me?

I've begun to find a dark humor in the absolute overkill that I face. This is simply ridiculous.


The Colossus is a couch potato and moves incredibly slowly. Kiting with Acrid or the Huntress will kill him easily, but any class can survive him with patience and timing.  The most effective strategy is to go onto a level higher than him and fire away until you achieve sweet victory.  Even a tiny step (the kinds Lemurians can jump up) will stop him, although his stomp will hit someone standing directly in front of him on the step.  His stomp is fairly easy to time and dodge by jumping through him as he raises his foot.  The Clap doesn't appear to hit characters standing at the level of his feet, but will summon golems to chase you.

His Clap attack may be able to hit elevated platforms in front of him, and sometimes lag will cause his stomp to have much more range than expected (i.e. the game thinks you're still under his foot after you move).