Double Tap
Right trigger Key z
Commando Skill 1

Shoot twice for 2x60% damage.

Full Metal Jacket
Left trigger Key x
Commando Skill 2

Shoot through enemies for 230% damage, knocking them back.

Tactical Dive
Right bumper Key c
Commando Skill 3

Roll forward a small distance. You cannot be hit while rolling.

Suppressive Fire
Left bumper Key v
Commando Skill 4

Fire rapidly, stunning and hitting nearby enemies for 6x60% Damage.

Can be improved with Ancient Scepter (*shows the improved values).
Suppressive Barrage
Commando Skill 4 Ancient Scepter

Fires rapidly, stunning and hitting nearby enemies for 10x60% damage.


  • Suppressive Fire will fire in both directions if there are enemies to both the left and right of The Commando visible on screen.
  • Tactical Dive has a brief delay before the Commando is granted any immunity, roughly the amount of time it takes the Commando's on-screen sprite's feet to leave the ground.
  • Tactical Dive can be used to cancel falling damage if used before hitting the ground.
  • Tactical Dive's distance rolled scales with movement speed.
  • While using the Tactical Dive, you can still jump at any point during the animation. Performing a jump right after starting theTactical Dive, you can jump over larger gaps and reach certain areas otherwise harder / more time-consuming to reach.

You cannot climb a ladder/rope until Tactical Dive's animation has ended.  Be careful to time dives properly to avoid overshooting.  Some ladders may be too far to jump to, and too close to dive to (such as the ones on the right cliffside of Ancient Valley).

Item SynergiesEdit

The Commando sports the fastest attack rate out of all the characters, combined with Suppressive Fire, making on-hit items more potent in his arsenal. Because of this, it is to your advantage to get:

  • Passive items that have a certain percentage of activating. (Chance on hit items.)
  • Items that boost your attack rate, increasing the effectiveness of on-hit items.

Below is a list of all items considered effective with the Commando:

Items That Work Well With High Attack Speed

  Heaven Cracker

Items That Increase Attack Speed

  Soldier's Syringe
  Energy Cell
  Predatory Instincts

On Hit Items

Pairing ten Lens Maker's Glasses, a Wicked Ring, and a generous amount of Soldier's Syringes makes for a deadly combination, as holding both Double Tap and Full Metal Jacket causes an endless barrage of stunning, piercing shots.

Trivia Edit

  • The Commando is presumably the author of the Field Notes found throughout the game by the player. This makes him the only character with any real insight offered into his personality, suggesting he deeply regrets what he is forced to do in order to survive.