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Field Notes

Field Notes:  I could not believe my eyes as this creature erupted from the lava. My suit's temperature gauges screeched in warning. How can anything subsist in such heat?  The lava parts in waves as the monster swims rapidly through it.

Through craters in the Cremator's thick back armor red hot boulders explode in every direction. The amount of heat and pressure within its body must be a source of immense power. However, its head does not appear as well protected. I pray that it is a source of weakness, for if this leviathan bests me I know there will be no remains left to mark my short existence.


The Cremator only spawns in the Magma Barracks. It shoots a random shotgun-blast-like-spread of bombs to attack the player and, much like the Wandering Vagrant, white circles appear that indicate where the bombs will hit. This attack is easily dodged, but can hit players making their way to where it spawned, as it can be aimed anywhere on the level. It can spawn in one of three places: the lava at the bottom left, bottom right, or upper left. In these areas, the Cremator swims back and forth between the walls of the area.

The lava tunnel where the Miner's pod is located may spawn in the lava pit where the Cremator spawns.


For hardcore players.
Every bend introduces pain and horrors of the planet.
You will die.

difficulty, the targeting reticules will not appear, making the fight more difficult.

Tactics []

When fighting the Cremator, the trick to dodging his damage is to keep moving. Try to dodge in the opposite direction of the boss, as passing through its projectiles flings will result in you taking the damage. If you must dodge towards him, keep an eye on the arc of the projectiles so you can pass under them. When attempting to damage and kill it, use the platforms to attack him (try not to fall into the lava).

It is also beneficial to try to avoid being on top of it when it attacks, as it's possible for it to spawn all of its projectiles on top of you, which can deal a massive amount of damage.

Elite Version[]

  • Overloading Cremator

This is the only elite version of Cremator. The only difference is that the elite Cremator fires faster artillery bullets, but less quantity output than the normal version.