Risk of Rain Wiki

Not to be confused with the version from the first game, the Crowbar.


The Crowbar is a returning common item in Risk of Rain. It increases the damage to enemies above 90% health (up from 80% in the first game) by 75%. Stacking increases the damage by 75%. This means the Crowbar is most efficient with high-damage skills and items, as the bonus is lost almost instantly after the first few hits.

  • Artificer's Charged Nano-Bomb benefits, but the arcing damage may drop a healthy enemy below 90%, so the crowbar may not apply for the main blast.
  • Loader's utility skill Charged Gauntlet deals a whopping 600%-2700% damage. A fully charged hit from this will kill everything in your path. Coupled with its fairly low cool-down of 5 seconds and high mobility, you can clear huge groups of enemies fairly safely with a small amount of effort.
  • MUL-T's Rebar Puncher benefits greatly, as it is slow but accurate and deals 600% damage. This can one-shot many enemies.
  • High-damage Equipment, such as the Royal Capacitor at 3000% and Preon Accumulator at 4000% damage, can one-shot many bosses.