Risk of Rain Wiki

Damp Caverns is one of two possible maps for the second level of Risk of Rain. The other possible map is Sky Meadow.

Generally circular in shape, it is recommended to explore by going either clockwise or counterclockwise. The Distortion artifact can be found near the top of one variant. Mushrums appear frequently.




Left: Artifact gate.
Right: Box-switch.

In one variant of the map, the artifact gate can be found in the upper-right. Along the right edge of the top-most platform there will be a short vine leading down to the gate. The artifact will not yet be present. Just off the right edge of the screen are some smaller ledges which are only reachable with a Photon Jetpack or several Rusty Jetpack, this artifact can also be easily reached using the Miner. The box-shaped object covered in fungus is a switch that cannot be directly damaged, but will activate with any area damage such as explosions. (Jumping with Headstompers will work, as will the Enforcer's Crowd Control skill. the CHEF's glaze works as well but causes you to slide off the platform, so use with caution.) "Dying" by going off the top edge of the screen will respawn you above the artifact gate, now with the Distortion artifact. Using the Bouncing Brain equipment item at either edge of the small platform the box is on while facing inwards will also trigger the box.

Note: The Enforcer's Crowd Control skill can be used to hit the switch from the platform above the artifact gate without the need to jump across. Stand directly above the left gate "pillar" for the shot to land correctly.