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Death Do Us Part is a Challenge in Risk of Rain 2. It is one of two Challenges that unlocks two items, the Bands of Runald and Kjaro.

To complete the challenge, the player needs to access the hidden path in Abandoned Aqueduct and kill the two Elite Elder Lemurians within. Being present in a game where the two die will also count.

The path is initially blocked by a stone grate located in the ditch surrounding the map. To open it, search the map for round stone buttons, and step on them at the same time. If a message about an ancient gateway shifting appears, the gate has opened. You only need to press them both at once, they don't need to remain pressed afterwards for the gate to stay open.

Kjaro, the Blazing elite, and Runald, the Glacial elite, are tough and use powerful ranged attacks. Close by, they will use a short-ranged but extremely powerful firebreath attack. Both attacks, especially from Kjaro, may be lethal. Bringing a friend to battle is recommended.

When defeated, Runald will drop Runald's Band and Kjaro will drop Kjaro's Band. If both were defeated, the challenge is complete and the items can be obtained in later runs.

The challenge can be completed in singleplayer by placing turrets on the buttons as the Engineer, rolling an explosive pot onto one button and stepping on the other, or by forcing an enemy to pathfind across one button while you stand on the other.

Runald's Band

Kjaro's Band