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Not to be confused with the item in the first game, Dio's Best Friend.


Dio's Best Friend is a returning Rare unlockable item in Risk of Rain 2.

Completing the Lone Survivor Challenge unlocks this item.

Dying while holding one revives the player on the spot with a 3 seconds of invulnerability. This consumes the item, making it appear pale in the item list. Each separate item revives the player only once.

Holding this item does not prevent the player from dying when they choose to obliterate themselves at the Obelisk.

This item functions on the Engineer's Auto-Turrets, resurrecting them once whenever they are destroyed. The item will not activate if an auto-turret is manually destroyed, preventing the creation of more than 2 Turrets at a time.


  • This item, like it's previous incarnation, is a reference to the developer Duncan Drummond's cat, Dio.