Risk of Rain Wiki

A Drone is a type of interactable item that can be found broken on the ground. All broken drones will have a price above them indicating how much it will cost to fix said drone when the player walks over them.

Drones encountered on the first level will always cost $40 regardless of what difficulty you're playing on. The cost of drones scales up depending on how long you have been playing before starting the next map, similar to chests. Drones, when activated, fly near the player and assist them in combat.

There are two main types of drones: healing drones and combat drones. Unlike items, drones have their own health bar, can be destroyed and repair themselves over time. Although they can be repaired again indefinitely, the price of repairing them goes up based on how many times the drone has been destroyed. Alternatively, drones can be repaired with the Drone Repair Kit prior to breaking (using this item after a drone has been broken will not fix the drone on the floor). They begin smoking and then eventually flash a yellow " ! " when they are near death. The damage and health of drones are based in the damage and health of the character.

Missile, healing, advanced healing, and flame drones cannot fire or heal indefinitely and will have to take time recharging between cycles of operating and uselessly floating.

Using many drones in conjunction with Arms Race will do massive amounts of damage via missiles and mortar shells. This can be done with any class, but each class has their own changes to drones' combat effectiveness. Be aware that users have reported game crashes after using this item!