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Overloading Magma Worm

Elite enemies are similar to their basic comrades, except they have a different color and added abilities. Upon reaching the third stage, most elite variants will have a second, passive effect. Elites naturally have increased healthpools and reduce the effectiveness of any crowd control affecting them.

Both monsters and bosses can be Elite. Some bosses gain unique abilities and traits along with their variation.

56 Leaf Clovers give a chance that Elite monsters drop Items on death. Elite bosses can drop an item for being a boss, and another item for being Elite.

It should be noted that Evolved LemuriansArcher Bugs, and Jellyfish do not have an elite version.

Elite Colorings[]

There are several different colorings of elite enemies, each giving different abilities.


Blazing (red)

Leaves a trail of fire and has increased damage.


Frenzied (yellow)

Has increased movement speed, attack speed, may teleport to you and attacks bypass Guardian's Heart's shield.


Volatile (orange)

Has explosive attacks and will randomly launch a missile at you (Similar to the AtG Missile Mk. 1 )


Overloading (blue)

Has an electric aura similar to the Tesla Coil which deals electric type damage when on contact with the player.

  • An Overloading Magma Worm will still deal electric damage when the player is on a rope, removing this common tactic for fighting Magma Worms.


Leeching (green)

Has an even greater healthpool increase, will heal nearby enemies, and regains health on landing an attack.


  • Elite versions of various types enemies could be a reference to Diablo II, which has a specialized elite "Champion"-type enemies that have different colors, and do more damage.

See also[]

  • Phantasms, a stronger version of Elite that only spawns in Monsoon
    - MONSOON -
    For hardcore players.
    Every bend introduces pain and horrors of the planet.
    You will die.