Riot Shotgun
Right trigger Key z
Enforcer Skill 1

Fire a short range blast for 160% damage, hitting all enemies.

Shield Slam
Left trigger Key x
Enforcer Skill 2

Smash nearby enemies for 210%, knocking them back.

Protect and Serve
Right bumper Key c
Enforcer Skill 3

Take a defensive stance, blocking all damage from the front. Increases your attack speed, but reduces movement.

Protect and Serve
Right bumper Key c
Enforcer Skill 3 2

Leave your defensive stance.

Crowd Control
Left bumper Key v
Enforcer Skill 4

Launch a stun grenade, stunning enemies in a huge radius for 250% damage. Can bounce at shallow angles.

Can be improved with Ancient Scepter (*shows the improved values).
Tear Gas
Enforcer Skill 4 Ancient Scepter

Launch a chemical grenade, fearing and knocking back enemies in a huge radius for 250% damage. Can bounce at shallow angles.


  • Surviving as Enforcer is difficult due to your low mobility. Having such an unforgiving skillset, you want items that will "give you a second chance" in combat. Items like boxing gloves, permafrost, and warbanner will provide high utility evading or delaying enemies. Your healing items should be Mysterious Vial, Medkit, and Leeching Seed. Essential items for surviving brawls with enemies are the Guardian's Heart and Foreign Fruits.
  • The Enforcer's main means of dealing damage is through Riot Shotgun. While the attack is slow, it is also a ranged attack that can strike several enemies at once. This makes items that trigger on strike quite effective in the Enforcer's arsenal. Increasing the enforcer's rate of fire via Soldier's Syringe is also quite effective. Somewhat appropriately, the Prison Shackles are one of the Enforcer's best items; the ability to slow down enemies using the shotgun is crucial for crowd control.
  • It should be noted that the Enforcers Riot Shotgun has more impact than the Commando's Double Tap. The Riot Shotgun being able to knock back a greater variety of enemies when compared to Double Tap. For example; Riot Shotgun can knock away the colored Lemurians and the Wisps whereas Double Tap cannot.
  • Although upgraded Crowd Control (Tear Gas) fears most enemies, it does not fear Jellyfish, or Archer Bugs. However, it will still fear Evolved Lemurians. Be Careful.
  • Positioning for Shield Slam is crucial to success. Being the most stationary character, items that are most effective on the Enforcer are ones that help you take out large hordes of enemies at a time. The Will-o'-the-wisp, Brilliant Behemoth, Gasoline, and other "damage on-kill" items will help you build momentum and make short work of the waves.
  • Shield Slam will knock enemies, regardless of their orientation, towards the direction the Enforcer is facing. The hitbox for Shield Slam also extends slightly behind the Enforcer as well; however, hitting an enemy at the edge of Shield Slam's range if they are behind the Enforcer will send them backwards.
  • Protect and Serve can kill you just as easily as it could save your life. It is important to stagger your Shield Slam and Crowd Control abilities if you get into a bind.
    • Be careful of enemies like the Rock Golems or Sand Crabs, you want them close to block damage with your shield, but if they get too close, their long reach can still hit you for devastating damage, even from the front.
    • Mushrums are a particularly lethal enemy for the Enforcer: They have a damage over time, area of effect attack, that hits through Protect and Serve. Staying in the attack's effect can kill the enforcer in a matter of seconds. Evasive maneuvers must be taken against this attack.
    • Similarly, the player should keep an eye out for elite enemies. Those that are electrically charged or leave fire tracks (including Elder Lemurian's flame blast) will hit through Protect and Serve. As for elites that fire rockets (or nematocysts from Wandering Vagrant), these have a tendency to fly around and strike the enforcer in its vulnerable back.  Backing up as the projectile fires will typically cause it to impact the shield because their targeting lock-on occurs at the start of flight.
    • The Spite artifact's explosions can also be very dangerous without enough move speed modifiers to make sure none detonate behind you.
    • (untested) Providence's ground shockwave and delayed explosion should be blocked if they impact the shield.
    • Cremator's projectiles will be blocked if they are in-flight and hit from the front. The impact explosion will damage if the white indicator is behind the Enforcer.

Glitches Edit

  • Encountered a glitch where if you activated a Command chest while having Protect and Serve active you can face and move in any direction with your shield facing that direction.