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Not to be confused with the item from the first game, Foreign Fruit.

Foreign Fruit.png

The Foreign Fruit is a returning Equipment in Risk of Rain 2.

Activation heals the player for 50% their maximum life instantly, and the cooldown is 45 seconds.

This item may look mundane, considering it has no fancy effects, but should not be overlooked. Instantaneous recovery can be a lifesaver with any character, and given its fairly short cooldown it can be very versatile early to mid-game.

Item Synergies[]

  • Pairing this item with Rejuvenation Rack will cause it to completely replenish the players health rather than just half.
    • Using Corpsebloom yields the same effect, only over a period of 10 seconds. This can be considered even more powerful than the Rejuvenation Rack since the player can use it as a failsafe before going into a large group of enemies or bosses and regenerate their health as they fight.