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"Killing enemies sets the ground on fire."— Pickup Text
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The Gasoline is a common damage item in Risk of Rain. On killing an enemy, burns the ground for 60% damage for 2 seconds and deals fire damage.[1]

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Gas Station
Old Lincoln

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:  GasolineGasoline Icon.png
Tracking Number:  382▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪

Order Description

:  Killing enemies burns the ground for 60% damage for 2 seconds

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:  Standard

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:  Gasoline, eh? Surprising to find a gas station these days, with everyone drivin' around them electro cars.
Got yourself quite a few gallons, so for the few cars and planes left runnin on gas.. this should do it!
Very flammable, even the fumes, so be careful now!
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Gasoline does as described; the major note is that enemies killed by the Gasoline burn damage will themselves burst into flames and add more Gasoline effects, which stack when they overlap. If you can hit an enemy hard enough to kill them, you can set off a chain reaction that will help you thin out crowds.

Character Synergies[]

Item Synergies[]

Gasoline stacks really well with other effects that occur on a kill—like the Will-o'-the-wisp and the Frost Relic Likewise, it helps makes DoT attacks—like the Acrid's poison more effects, since you can trigger them and then back off.





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