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The Gesture of the Drowned is an unlockable Lunar item in Risk of Rain 2.

Completing The Demons And The Crabs Challenge unlocks this item.

This item, like all other Lunar items, has a powerful effect and a drawback. This item cuts the cooldowns of Equipment in half, but also activates them as soon as they are ready.


  • Stacking multiple instances will not cut down the cooldown by another 50%. After the first gesture it will reduce cooldown the same way Fuel Cells do which is the following: 0.85 ^ (n - 1).
  • The item has to be able to fire, so the Royal Capacitor won't fire until an enemy is spotted.
  • The Gesture also randomly activates the item multiple times at once. This is most apparent when The Back-Up summons dozens of drones in one activation. This is unintentional[1]
  • Since MUL-T's retooled item is not activatable, players can save charges by not retooling until they wish to activate the item. With Fuel Cells, multiple charge can be stocked, ready to be unleashed at once.
  • The Crowdfunder will fire constantly, and as the user will rapidly lose all their money, picking up another equipment to replace it may prove impossible.


  • This item appears to be a fossilized ammonite, a once abundant but now extinct marine mollusc. Fossils of ammonites are common, and are found all over the world.
  • This item is a reference to the Risk of Rain achievement, "Sleepin' with the..." which required the player to drown 20 Whorls. The Whorl enemy from Risk of Rain closely resembles a nautilus, which are easy to confuse with ammonites.