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Gilded Coast is a Hidden Realm environment that can only be reached when the player enters a Gold Portal. It can also be reached via the Bazaar Between Time for 3 lunar coins.


This area is where the player will fight the boss Aurelionite, the Titanic Goldweaver. Scattered across the map are seven Halcyon Beacons, each costing gold to activate. When the fourth Beacon is activated, Aurelionite will spawn.

Unless all beacons are activated, Aurelionite is invulnerable to all damage. After a certain time passes, Aurelionite will deactivate all Beacons, requiring the player to go through and buy them all again. Because of this, it is advised to grind through mobs before Aurelionite spawns to save up a lot of gold. After beating the boss the item Halcyon Seed will drop next to the exit portal.

Other than just the boss and pillars to kill/buy there are 4 small chests that spawn on the map. One is under the

water in the lake that is kinda a small cave. The others can be found by going counterclockwise (keeping the island to one's left and water to one's right.) on the outskirts of the island. Each can be found behind rocks.

Log Book Entry is obtainable as of Scorched Acres.

Gilded Coast Log Entry.png