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The artifact gate.

The hidden tunnel "notch".

In Ancient Valley, in the far bottom left corner, if you can see the Artifact gate, you are on the correct map variant. At the bottom left of the map there should be a small cave-like structure. If the "cave" ends with an artifact gate (see screenshot at right) then this is the right map variant. This map variant also has a broken bridge. Climb until you see a "notch", a single block missing from the cliff face (see screenshot at right). Enter it and continue left through a hidden tunnel to find a cavern of ledges, platforms and ladders that lead to five buttons. Each button will activate when damaged, but will deactivate approximately 15 seconds later. If all five buttons are active simultaneously, the Glass artifact will appear in the gate. Drop through the bottom of the cavern to access it. Note that this can be done on

Reduces difficulty for players new to the game.
Weeping and gnashing is replaced by laughter and tickles.

Progress is not saved in this mode.

, but the artifact might not appear in the character select screen until after restarting the game.


  • Health reduction also affects Engineer's turrets, significantly reducing their lifespan.
  • This is a very useful artifact when attempting achievements which require the player to complete a certain task without taking damage, as the downside becomes irrelevant.
  • This artifact can actually be reached even when the bridge is broken and the proper way to it is blocked off. If a player has about 6 hopoo feathers and 5 jetpacks, they can go to the area in the bottom left of the map where the artifact appears and jump all the way up onto a ledge. From here they can jump futher up and hit all the small black switches that cause the artifact to spawn.
  • Due to how the Loader's M440 Conduit attack works, placing one lightning rod on the upper rightmost lever and one on the bottom leftmost lever will press all five levers at once.