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Not to be confused with the first game's version, the Greater Wisp.

The Greater Wisp logbook image.

The Greater Wisp is a returning enemy in Risk of Rain 2. They sport high health(more than a Stone Golem), great range, and massive damage. They usually appear from level two onward.


As the Wisp glows a bright green, spotting them is easy, even when they are behind the player, or around corners.

The Wisps attack is well telegraphed, as they move their arms from under their bodies to the side, while green fire starts flashing brightly. They will then launch two explosive balls at the player. As they track the player up until they actually fire, it is not advised to dodge too soon. If the Wisp initiates their attack right before their health depletes, they usually launch it before finally exploding.

This attack has a surprisingly long range and fast speed, and completely dodging it may prove difficult. Jumping right before the attack is fired can prevent it from hitting the ground near the player and dealing splash damage, but this puts the player at risk of being hit in the air, where they have very little control.