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The Grovetender is a boss enemy in Risk of Rain 2.

The Grovertender was added to the game with the Scorched Acres update.


The Grovetender's unique Boss-item is the Little Disciple.


Max Health: 2800 (+840 per Level)

Damage: 23 (4.6 per level)

Speed: 10 m/s


The Grovetender spawns from any teleporter and is one of the last bosses the player faces, along with the Imp Overlord. They are most commonly spawned in the Scorched Acres. The Grovetender will not spawn from teleporters unless it is on the Scorched Acres until passing the seventh stage, but they may spawn as a regular spawn on the seventh stage especially in the Scorched Acres.

The Grovetender wields two attacks: a chain attack and a tracking wisp attack. It will cool down for a few seconds after each attack.

The chain attack is a powerful shotgun-like attack that fires chains instantly towards a target. They can deal massive damage if their target is close to them, instantly killing players (This can be troubling for players playing Mercenary due to the short range of Mercenary's attacks. It would be recommended that they stay away while doing this attack). This attack can be predicted by the sound cue of the slight chargeup right before the attack. The Grovetender will fire off multiple of these before switching to another attack.

The tracking wisp attack is an attack where the Grovetender will fire off many purple tracking wisps, while the Grovetender makes a howling noise. Each Tracking wisp will charge a targets from across the map but will only initially go after targets if they are within a large range of where they spawned. The wisp will then make a small explosion dealing the Grovetender's damage. Each wisp can be killed to prevent the explosion, like the Jellyfish.


  • It is presumed that the tracking wisps are held in the pot on the back of the Grovetender, but the wisps will rather just spawn outside slightly above the Grovetender. This is further supported by Boss-item Little Disciple which seems to be a smaller container that would hold the tracking wisps.
  • It is presumed that the Grovetender is one of the weapons created to fight in the war like the Clay Templars.
  • Grovetender's body seems to be somewhat inspired by a red panda following the seeming Japanese and spiritual theme/inspiration of the Scorched Acres.
  • Due to the ragdoll physics of the game the player can be killed by the chain attack being instantly killed then thrown very far off the map. No other enemy can really do this alone.

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