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Not to be confused with the first game's version, the Harvester's Scythe.

Harvesters Scythe.png

The Harvester's Scythe is a returning Uncommon item in Risk of Rain 2. It provides 5% critical strike and heals the user for 8 HP every time you land a critical attack. Each stack increases the health regeneration by 4 points.

The Harvester's Scythe is a very powerful item, since it provides both health regeneration and additional damage in the form of increased critical strike chance.

Contrary to the item's tooltip, not every attack regenerates the same amount of health. For example, MUL-T's Nailgun ability only regenerates a quarter of the stated health regeneration.

Visually, the Scythe appears on the character's back, facing left, except on MUL-T, on whom it isn't visible at all.