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"Hurt enemies by falling."— Pickup Text
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The Headstompers is a common damage item in Risk of Rain and deals explosive damage.[1] The Headstompers is a common item in Risk of Rain that damages enemies by falling on them.

Paired with jump/jet-pack items this item can start dealing higher amounts of damage more frequently though without pairing items it's arguably one of the worst items in Risk of Rain, as it is very hard to deal any damage with it's effect, and trying is very likely to get the player killed.

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Order Description

:  Hurt enemies by falling for up to 507% damage.

Shipping Method

:  Standard

Order Details

:  Have you found the kill-count of your shoes to be 0? Do you find that disturbing? So do we. Combat Ready Spikeshoes, lovingly named 'Headstompers,' allow you to get the drop on foes. Literally. Vertically.

Titanium-tipped spikes, along with steel soles, guarantee that landing on foes will result in the messiest recreation of old school video games that you have ever seen. NOTE: Spikes deploy only after reaching a certain vertical velocity.
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Character Synergies[]

  • The jump boost from the Miner's To the Stars ability is high enough to activate Headstompers.

Item Synergies[]

  • The Rusty Jetpack can work well with this item. With several of these, you can attack enemies by jumping on them, as the boost in jump height is high enough to activate the Headstompers. They can also be counterproductive, however, as the jump button must be released while falling to avoid gravity reduction.[verification needed]
  • Maximizing Headstompers can also mean you lose HP from fall damage. Being high enough, you can meet Fire Shield's activation proc. Falling down can activate Headstompers and Fire Shield, dealing huge amounts of damage.


  • The text "recreation of old school video games that you have seen" in the item log is most probably a reference to the Super Mario Bros. series of games, where enemies are defeated by jumping on top of their head.
  • It could also be a reference to the Maplestory game item "Facestompers", as indicated by the "sent to:" address. Further proof is the estimated delivery date of 5/11/2005, the release date of Maplestory in North America.




  1. This description is auto-generated by the Item Infobox