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"Gain another jump."— Pickup Text
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The Hopoo Feather is an uncommon utility item in Risk of Rain.[1]

This item's abilities can stack endlessly, making it possible for any character to fly with enough feathers. The Feather has a higher jump height than most characters base jump.

Shipping Details

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:  Hopoo FeatherHopoo Feather Icon.png
Tracking Number:  746▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪

Order Description

:  Gain another jump.

Shipping Method

:  Priority/Biological

Order Details

:  A feather from the hopoo, found only natively in Europa. Ever since its extreme light-weight vs tensile strength was discovered, the hopoo was almost driven to extinction from poaching. There are only 3 left; I hope you can keep their location safe.
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  • If ropes or ladders are near each other, double-jumping back and forth between them while climbing is faster than climbing straight up one. Jumping off a single ladder, then doubling back, does not seem to be any quicker.

Character Synergies[]

  • Slow characters like HAN-D and the Loader can compensate their short jumping range.

Item Synergies[]


  • Hopoo Games is the name of the Risk of Rain development crew.
  • In the description of the Hopoo feather it is stated that there are only three Hopoos left, which is likely a reference to the three man development team for the game.
  • Hoopoes are colorful, crested birds found across Afro-Eurasia.


  • When using this item as Miner, tapping the jump button after activating To the Stars will cancel the attack, but still activate its cooldown.



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