Right trigger Key z
Huntress Skill 1

Fire an arrow for 120% damage. You can shoot all skills while moving.

Laser Glaive
Left trigger Key x
Huntress Skill 2

Throw a glaive that bounces to up to 4 enemies for 300% damage. Increases by 30% per bounce.

Right bumper Key c
Huntress Skill 3

Teleport forward a small distance.

Cluster Bomb
Left bumper Key v
Huntress Skill 4

Fire an explosive arrow for 320% damage. The arrow drops bomblets that detonate for 6x80%.

Can be improved with Ancient Scepter (*shows the improved values).
MK7 RocKeye
Huntress Skill 4 Ancient Scepter

Fire an explosive arrow for 320% damage. The arrow drops bomblets that detonate for 12x80%.


  • Blink teleportation distance depends on her move speed.
  • The Huntress benefits from both on hit and on kill items. Laser Glaive will proc on-hit items on each bounce. (Compared to most skills, which normally count as one hit, such as the Mercenary's Whirlwind.)
  • Because of Laser Glaive's ability to proc on hit items, items such as the Brilliant Behemoth and the Ukulele can give the Huntress fantastic AOE damage.
  • Using Blink and combining Laser Glaive to round up monsters into a tight group will make Cluster Bomb very effective.
  • The Huntress can run backwards if you remain firing, allowing you to be on the move while dealing damage
  • Combining the Wicked Ring with a decent critical chance (be it from Lens-Maker's Glasses or other crit-based items) allows the huntress to use her Laser Glaive almost as a primary attack, especially in later levels. Since it bounces to a maximum of four enemies, with a 100% critical chance, each arrow will reset the timer, as well as one second's worth of the timer after it, allowing for extremely rapid firing of the Laser Glaive.


  • The in-game description of Strafe's damage was reduced to 120% from 140% in Patch v1.2.0
  • You can use Huntress' ability Blink after you are killed, as well as activate the teleporter after doing so.
  • As far as characters go, the Huntress is up there as being one of the easiest to win the game with. All her abilities work while moving, her main attack automatically fires in the direction of enemies, she has a decent attack speed, and her walking speed is decent. She does have less health, but that's balanced by being able to easily kite enemies.

Bugs Edit

  • Reaching high attackspeed leaves her stuck in a permanent autoattack animation[verification needed]