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The Huntress is a returning character in Risk of Rain 2.

The Huntress is an extremely mobile but fragile survivor with a high damage output.


Fire a seeking arrow for 150% damage. Can be used while sprinting.
Laser Glaive
Throw a seeking glaive that bounces up to 6 times for 250% damage. Damage increases by 10% per bounce.
Disappear and teleport forward.
*☆Secondary Skill: Phase Blink
Phase Blink.png
Replaces Blink. Disappear and teleport a short distance. Can store up to 3 charges.
Arrow Rain
Arrow Rain.png
Teleport into the sky. Target an area to rain arrows, slowing all enemies and dealing 225% damage per second.
*☆Secondary Skill: Ballista
Replaces Arrow Rain. Teleport backwards into the sky. Fire up to 3 energy bolts, dealing 3x900% damage.


  • Strafe and Laser Glaive are able to lock onto enemies, however the player needs to be within a certain range of an of an enemy in order to be able to fire. The enemy closest to the crosshair will be targeted, as indicated by a blue circle, and any arrows or glaives fired will travel towards the marked enemy. Targets must be within line of sight of the huntress in order for arrows to home in.
  • Blink will teleport towards the direction the player is aiming, and will halt vertical momentum much like the Commando's Tactical Dive, allowing the player to effectively negate fall damage if timed properly.
  • Activating Laser Glaive whilst airborne also will halt vertical momentum until the animation completes. This can be used as another way to break fall damage if the player has already used Blink.
  • Arrow Rain will launch the Huntress upwards even while they're already airborne, with the associated risk of fall damage, however it can be used as yet another way to break a fall if timed perfectly.
  • Arrow Rain has a rather deceptive area of effect. The damage is only applied to units within a restrictive half-sphere based off of the visible circle that the ability leaves on the ground as opposed to all enemies above the circle indicator which restricts its use against airborne enemies. However, it can be cast on any surface, not just flat ground. Because of this, airborne enemies can sometimes be hit by it if it's placed on a wall near them (though they have a tendency to drift out of it).
  • To obtain Ballista you must complete the challenge Huntress: Piercing Wind. As Huntress, start and finish Rallypoint Delta without falling below 100% health.
  • To obtain Phase Blink you must complete the challenge Huntress: One Shot, One Kill. As Huntress, collect and carry 12 Crowbar at once.