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Field Notes

Field Notes:  Could this be..? Tales I never believed recounted a horrible beast, fire incarnate. Scourder of another solar system, the Ifrit nearly wiped out an entire space colony before being chained and launched into the great black void. Supposedly the flaming jets that accompanied his roars could be seen for days as he drifted outwards.

Great towers, what must have been the containment structure, prevented his escape even on this forsaken plane. The only explanation I have for my surviving this legendary encounter is his many years drifting in space and having been fettered in this unforgiving, frozen wasteland.


Ifrit only spawns in Ancient Valley - Frozen Tundra. While this boss on its own is quite easy, beware of being trapped between the pillars he summons when there are multiple enemies, as you cannot use movement abilities such as the Huntress's Blink to pass through them. Try to stay away from him during the teleporter spawning period, so as to not spawn enemies near him that he can trap you in with. His only attacks are a short range flame attack and a melee attack apart from his pillars, both of which are easy to dodge. He is also slow; making kiting him very easy for a character such as Huntress or Acrid.

On death Ifrit may drop the item Ifrit's Horn.


  • Ifrit, also spelled as "efreet"(among others) are supernatural creatures from middle-eastern folklore. The Ottoman Turkish sources usually associate them with fiery appearance.
  • It is speculated that Ifrit may have been designed by a kickstarter backer via backer rewards.