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Field Notes

Field Notes:  Oh, why me? My heart stopped when this great Imp manifested in previously empty space. So many horrendous eyes. With a gaping scream the Imp lets out a deadly red vapor. Some type of laser also trails me.

This demon is just as baffling in its movement as the smaller one. Barely escaping the Imp's whipping grasp I landed a final blow. Its dying body split open at its meridian, displaying its innards like some ghastly flower. This monster is just as gruesome in death as it was in life.


Imp Overlord is referred to as "Manager of the Jazz Hands" in the game files.

  • The Imp Overlord was suggested by forum moderator Seria-Myouna on the Risk of Rain forums, while the sprite art was done by artist Deimera


The Imp Overlord has 2 attacks it can use. The first (and easiest to avoid) is an attack quite similar to the Ancient Wisps attack where flames come from the sky. It is easily noticed and can be dodged by either jumping or using a dodge ability. The second attack is a lunge where the boss swipes at you dealing damage if hit. While not necessarily hard to dodge, the attack moves quite fast and can easily harm you if you're distracted by a crowd of enemies.

The Imp is easily stunned by even the weakest attacks making it an easy boss for fast fire rate characters.

The Imp Overlord can drop the Imp Overlord's Tentacle

The Imp Overlord is also one of the two bosses in the game that can spawn as a blighted enemy when playing on monsoon difficulty for over 5 hours, the other being the scavenger.