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Not to be confused with the boss from the first game.

The Imp Overlord logbook image.

The Imp Overlord is a returning boss in Risk of Rain 2.

☁️Lord of the Red Plane☁️


The Imp Overlord first appears in either of the latter two stages, Rallypoint Delta and Abyssal Depths.

Like the regular Imp, the Overlord can teleport, disappearing instantly. When it does a red warning circle and a glowing red spot indicate the reappearance-zone. Being in the area damages the player when the Overlord appears. The Imp won't take damage while it teleports, but will block the player from walking through the reappearance spot.

The Imp has two attacks; a flurry of explosive punches, and a thrown fan of dark spikes. The flurry can deal massive amounts of damage extremely rapidly, killing most characters in under a second.

The spikes that the Imp throws remain on the ground if they miss, and will damage the players if they walk into them. Interestingly, if the spikes hit a Bubble Shield, they will fly away when the shield expires.