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The Jar of Souls is a use item in Risk of Rain that creates 1 ghost of every enemy onscreen that fights for the player for 15 seconds.

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:  Duplicate every enemy as a ghost to fight on your side.

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Functioning similarly to the Happiest Mask, the Jar of Souls spawns a ghost at the location of all enemies onscreen, who will immediately begin attacking enemies. After 15 seconds, all of the ghosts will disappear, like the ones spawned by Happiest Mask.

This item is most useful in large crowds, especially the crowds that spawn upon activating a teleporter. Doing so will cause a ghost of each enemy to spawn, which start attacking the crowds of enemies. Even more useful is the fact that enemies will only attack the players, not the ghosts, allowing the ghosts to attack fairly freely. The best tactical position to use this item is by cliffs full of enemies, as the enemies will stop at the cliff and allow their ghosts to easily attack them.

Character Synergies[]

Item Synergies[]

  • Using in conjunction with Happiest Mask chains more ghosts to appear, should your ghosts kill other enemies and converting them into ghosts as well.
  • When the Artifact of Spite is active, bombs drop when the ghosts die or expire. The bombs of these ghosts do not damage you, but damage the enemies.


  • The Jar of Souls does not appear to summon ghosts for flying enemies such as Jellyfish. However, Evolved Lemurian ghosts will spawn if the creature is on the ground (not flying around).


  • When combined with a large stack of Rapid Mitosis (15-20) and Beating Embryo, this item will cause severe FPS drop while facing crowds of enemies if used repeatedly.
  • It is unknown if this is a bug or not, but the Jar of Souls counts ghosts as an enemy for its purposes; therefore, it produces a ghost for ghosts as well. When used in conjunction with the Happiest Mask, this means that not only will a ghost be spawned for every living enemy on the screen, but also another one for every ghost. This can do immense damage and also be very taxing on one's FPS.