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The artifact gate can be seen if the player is against the wall.

Kin is an artifact that can be found in the Dried Lake Area on the right-most cliff face. The area is accessible by running through a tunnel hidden in the cliff face. The entrance looks like a chunk of more crumbly wall, and must first be shot open (requires quite a bit of damage to break it) before the puzzle may be attempted. It can be acquired by any mobile character (or character with enough speed and jump pickups) jumping to the entrance and solving a simple puzzle involving shooting three buttons within a time limit. The Kin artifact forces an area to spawn only one type of enemy.

  • Kin can be unlocked without any jetpacks with the Commando by first dashing then jumping while dashing off the ledge. It is also (just barely) possible to make this jump by jumping, then dashing.

The spawn rate stays the same when playing with this artifact, so enemies that has a lower spawn rate (such as Greater Wisp) will spawn at the same rate as how they will on a game without the Kin Artifact.


  • The Kin artifact can be used to easily farm off weaker monsters if they spawn, such as the Lemurian.
  • Activating the teleporter while using the Kin artifact will cause a large amount of the chosen monster to spawn, with most of them being elite monsters.
  • In long games bosses might be chosen to spawn, so be careful when looping.
  • The Loader character can use their Hydraulic Gauntlet ability to swing over to the cracked section, although cannot break through it. This could be useful for escaping enemies.
  • The Huntress can easily get across to the broken section with her teleport, but is unable to break the wall. It appears only characters with firearms are able to break through it.
  • Using the Command artifact makes it easier to get a hold of jump specific items.
  • In Boar Beach, this artifact works with Toxic Beast or Scavenger. Only one of them will spawn with this artifact.

    Scavenger with KIN at Boar Beach