Not to be confused with the first game's version, the Loader.

The Loader is a returning character in Risk of Rain 2.

The Loader is a slow but powerful bruiser that can use her grappling hook to uniquely navigate the environment.

 Abilities Edit

Scrap Barrier

The Loader is immune to fall damage. Striking enemies with the Loader's gauntlets grants a temporary barrier.


Swing at nearby enemies for 320% damage.

Grapple Fist

Fire your gauntlet forward, pulling you to the target.

Spiked Fist

Fire your gauntlet forward, dealing 320% damage and stunning.

Pulls you to heavy targets,and light targets are pulled to you.

(Works on M551 Pylon)

Charged Gauntlet

Charge up a massive punch for 600%-2700% damage that sends you flying forward. Deals significantly more damage the faster you are moving.

M551 Pylon

Throw a floating pylon that zaps up to 6 nearby enemies for 100% damage. Can be grappled.

Only three M551 Pylons can be deployed at a time.

Base Stats Edit

Max Health Damage Health Regeneration Speed Armor
160 (+48 per level) 12 (+2,4 per level) 2,5 (+0,5 per level) HP/s 7 m/s 20

Notes Edit

Grapple Fist can be used to grapple onto enemies, terrain, M551 Pylon as well as other player characters. Both Knuckleboom, M551 Pylon and Charged Gauntlet can be used while Grapple fist is active.

If Grapple Fist is used on something not higher than the user, the user will move at sprinting speed toward the grapple point.


The Spiked Fist loadout pulls all enemies except Bosses, Stone Golems, Bighorn Bisons, Clay Templars, Greater Wisps, Beetle Guards, and Elder Lumerians. Brass Contrapitons are pulled to you. You can still grapple the M551 Pylon and use as an anchor point.

The distance that Charged Gauntlet travels increases as it charges, same as the damage. Charged Gauntlet can be held indefinitely, and you can sprint while charging it. Charged Gauntlet can be charged and cast, while Grapple Fist is active. Combine these for deadly efficiency.

M551 Pylon can be aimed when thrown, aim up to throw higher or down to throw lower, it will be thrown in the direction you are looking.

M551 Pylon is an effective means of taking care of lesser wisps, and other smaller mobs in large groups.

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