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Magma Barracks is one of two possible maps for the fourth level of Risk of Rain. The other possible map is Hive Cluster.

The Sacrifice artifact can be found here. In one variant, the Miner can be unlocked by finding a secret area and fighting a miniboss. This is the only map where the boss Cremator can appear.



Map variants[]

This map has two variants.


Main article: Character Unlocks#'Miner' unlock:

Miner variant (Level4 Type1 Variant1)

In the right side of the map, at the bottom, there is a tunnel. At the end of the tunnel is the Direseeker, an elite Elder Lemurian. Defeat it to unlock the Miner.

The Direseeker does not spawn once the teleporter is activated.


Main article: Sacrifice

Switch locations for Artifact variant. (Real map image needed.)

An artifact gate (marked in green) appears at the far left, on the middle level. Three switches (marked in red) are located in the level (see example image). The path at the bottom-right corner is closed.


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