Risk of Rain Wiki

Normal Monster Log.

Boss Monster Log.

Monster logs are items that drop in a difficulty higher than Drizzle. Monster logs give you access to pages in your monster log which gives you a brief report about the creature and stats. Collecting fifteen monster logs will unlock the Huntress. There is a total of 31 monster logs. 21 normal monster logs and 10 boss monster logs.

A complete monster log

Ordered list of all monster logs:

  1. Lemurian
  2. Rock Golem
  3. Wisp
  4. Greater Wisp
  5. Sand Crab
  6. Jellyfish
  7. Child
  8. Spitter
  9. Tiny Imp
  10. Black Imp
  11. Mushrum
  12. Whorl
  13. Clay Man
  14. Bighorn Bison
  15. Mechanical Spider
  16. Gup
  17. Parent
  18. Evolved Lemurian
  19. Temple Guard
  20. Elder Lemurian
  21. Archer Bug
  22. Colossus
  23. Wandering Vagrant
  24. Magma Worm
  25. Ancient Wisp
  26. Imp Overlord
  27. Ifrit
  28. Toxic Beast
  29. Cremator
  30. Scavenger
  31. Providence


There is multiplayer bug where players who already have a monster log can pick up invisible monster logs belonging to other players, even if they have unlocked the log they picked up. The log will be unlocked for the player that can see it not for the one that picked it up.

For farming Monster Logs, playing multiplayer may make them drop more frequently.