"Heal after kills."— Pickup Text
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The Monster Tooth is a common healing item in Risk of Rain. On killing an enemy, heals you for 10 health.[1]

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:  Monster ToothMonster Tooth Icon.png
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Order Description

:  Killing an enemy heals you for 10 health.

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:  Standard

Order Details

:  Ripped it RIGHT out of 'is mouth! A big fight that one gave me, I tell ya! Wrestled me right down, jaws wrapped around my head! Good thing Bishop here got him with that vaporiser, eh? Hahaha! It's been my good luck charm, but hey, with the money you're payin' for it I'll give 'er up. Sometimes I felt like it helped me on hunts, ya know? Like... instincts.
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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It takes 279 monster teeth to cause the health orb spawned on kill to cover the entire screen.
  • Monster Tooth and a Guardian's Heart are necessary to unlock Alien Head item.
  • While the item does not have a cap, the effective cap is at 1999 items, as that would provide 10000 HP on kill.

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